"MAIP not only helps surface diverse thinking throughout our industry, but takes an active part in cultivating tomorrow's great talent."

- Frank Voris, CEO of VivaKi


As part of the multi-week professional fellowship program, MAIP fellows receive real-world work experience with discipline specific training opportunities to further fuel growth and development.  In addition to in-person summer seminars in larger markets (such as NYC, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco), MAIP introduced a virtual webinar series in 2013 to provide national training for all markets.  Building off the success of this model and the launch of Haywood R. Watkins III’s, 2011 MAIP Alum and WPP Fellow, specialized 2014 MAIP Planner’s Parley Series, the 4A’s has further enhanced its training model, creating specific tracks tailored to an fellow's discipline and the seismic changes in the industry. 

Termed Spring Training, this development series will take place March-May 2015 and will serve as a primer to the start of the fellows' agency experiences.  With a concentrated focus on transferable, tangible, and discipline specific training, the curated tracks will cover topics ranging from Storytelling to Coding for Communicators to Writing an Inspiration Creative Brief (pending their discipline).  


Hone Your Craft

Each MAIP fellow will participate in industry specific sessions led by seasoned industry professionals, the majority are MAIP alumni, to learn the fundamentals of his or her craft.   These closed sessions will encourage fellows to ask questions in a safe environment, while gaining mentorship and confidence in various fields. 



Develop Hard Skills

While soft- and discipline specific skills are invaluable, a proficiency in tangible, industry relevant skills further sets our MAIP fellows apart.  

Each fellow, regardless of discipline, will complete a coding track (HTML/CSS) and/or.  Additionally, they will participate in 3-4 specialized webinars, such Data Analytics and Creative Technologies, led by our agency partners. 


Apply the Fundamentals

Through 4A's industry-wide webinars, MAIP fellows will join current agency employees to learn intangible and transferable skills critical for business success.  A sample of topics include:

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Storytelling
  • Time Management

Fellows will have an opportunity to apply all the skills learned to a client project competition.  The winning team will have the opportunity to present their campaign at The Face of Talent 2016.

*Special thanks to Haywood Watkins III, #MAIP2011 Alum and WPP Fellow.  Without your help MAIP "Spring Training", as it is today, would not exist.